#1 Seller MAC Gear 40 degree Under quilt

One of our prized creations is our 40* Under quilt or 10* add on under quilt as its called. Its super light weight at 16oz or 1 pound and packed full of benefits making it the best pound carried in your pack. There is many DIY look a likes of our under quilt but the MAC Gear suspension and rigging is the best out there. Our suspension set up allows your under quilt to move freely and conform well as an under quilt, but that’s not all it allows. you can use our suspension in a manner that allows your under quilt to be  top quilt as well when combined with a sleeping pad it makes for a complete hammock package for cool summer and warmer spring and fall nights. Want to see it in action visit our MAC Gear you tube channel HERE

From a recent purchaser off ebay!

“Under quilt better than described. Fast fast shipping. Very pleased.”

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