MAC-Gear Ultralight shelter system 21ozs

With everything but carabiners included in the weight there is no lighter shelter system out there that offers this kind of comfort and protection from the elements. Starting with an 11ft long extra wide hammock made of the lightest material out there rated at 250lbs it fits just about any hiker with extreme comfort. With the hammock amsteel continuous loops come standard for connecting your hammock to the tree straps. Topping the hammock is the ultralight 11 oz 12 ft by 10 ft rainfly that is hex cut for multipurpose use. The rainfly comes with guyline which other companies usually charge extra for or don’t include. Also included is the tree straps which are 10ft multi point straps offering an ultralight 3.3oz suspension solution that works not only as tree protection but also as your length and adjustment suspension system. All this in its own stuff sack is $180 add a bug net system with zipper entrance to the hammock for (+$40) bringing the total weight to 26ozs

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