MAC-GEAR Ultralight Syntheticic 10 and 30 degree UQ/TQ are here

Mac-Gear is excited to announce the production of 2 new synthetic UQ! The ultralight synthetic insulation is the newest out there that is nearly identical to down in weight, compress-ability and warmth with the added benefits of cost reduction and best of all the ability to keep insulated even when wet! The two degrees available are 10 degree and 30 degree. The 30 degree is super light at a finished weight of 18 oz this quilt rivals our 40 degree down quilt in weight and packed size while offering an extra 10 degrees more in warmth value. The other model available could quite possibly be the one do all use all quilt is the 10 degree model which has a finished weight of 30 oz making it one of the lightest 10 degree rated UQ/TQ out there! For more information email us HERE or call the number at bottom of our homepage.

10 Degree UQ 30 oz

30 Degree Synthetic UQ 18 oz

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