40 Degree Top Quilts modular to our Under quilts

MAC-GEAR is now producing a 40 degree top quilt which directly matches in a modular system our 40 degree under quilts. Combined they make up a 25 degree rated modular system that adds only 2 lbs to pack weight and uses up very little space. The new Down top quilt weighs 15 ozs packed in the included stuff sack and has tons of features. It is 80 x 25 inches with ergonomic foot box with inner toe warmer pocket, has hanging loop and is available in same colors our under quilts are available in. To order simply call 321-890-6215 or email mac.gear2016@gmail.com and we will get your specifications and invoice ready so you can purchase. We accept major credit cards via phone order and also take pay-pal payment as well.

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