From childhood owner Scott McCulloch has had an adventurous passion for the woods and outdoors particularly the mountains. Spending many summers in the Appalachian mountains the feel of comfort and peace in the woods became ingrained and he hasn’t stop exploring them yet. MAC-Gear was started by Scott in 2013 when just a hobby at the time Scott explored the faults of store bought gear or lack there of a particular type of gear. Meeting fellow hikers along many parts of the A/T Scott found hiking light was a big part of being able to enjoy long distance multi night, week, month hikes. With that you have the creation of his learning and imagination in the MAC-Gear product line. While many companies┬ámake very similar products it is with out a doubt MAC-Gear’s product vision to make the gear the lightest, most comfortable, usable and least costly. We can’t make it all but what we do you can bet is a must have.