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WE MADE IT! MAC-GEAR on top of KATAHDIN thanks ETHAN “Dr Stretch”

Success in the truest form, providing an item that serves a purpose, a source of comfort and security and have it do it to the point the user takes the time to tell you about it at the pinnacle of their journey. Ethan’s photos he shared with us not only show his truly great life adventure but triumph and success of our values.

“I finished my hike two days ago. I’m. It sure if anyone had taken your gear up Katahdin before, but it made it and performed admirably along the way!

Thank you so much.
Dr. Stretch”
Thank You Ethan and Congrats on the success on the A/T you are a member of a select few.
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Grey and Blue 40* TQ and UQs shipping soon!

To all our loyal customers and new customers our back logged Grey and Blue MAC-GEAR 40* line (TQ and UQ) will be shipping soon we apologize for the delay. If you ordered our product through a 2nd party vendor ie Ebay or Amazon your orders will also be fulfilled soon. We had a 3 week delay in materials that were needed (3 weeks ago) to complete the orders. The material is now corrected and orders will be fulfilled in order received.

Also Please note we have new contact information to use
Phone/Text 321-591-1375
Customer Service/Product issues

Thank you again
Happy Trails!

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40 Degree Top Quilts modular to our Under quilts

MAC-GEAR is now producing a 40 degree top quilt which directly matches in a modular system our 40 degree under quilts. Combined they make up a 25 degree rated modular system that adds only 2 lbs to pack weight and uses up very little space. The new Down top quilt weighs 15 ozs packed in the included stuff sack and has tons of features. It is 80 x 25 inches with ergonomic foot box with inner toe warmer pocket, has hanging loop and is available in same colors our under quilts are available in. To order simply call 321-890-6215 or email and we will get your specifications and invoice ready so you can purchase. We accept major credit cards via phone order and also take pay-pal payment as well.

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MAC-GEAR Ultralight Syntheticic 10 and 30 degree UQ/TQ are here

Mac-Gear is excited to announce the production of 2 new synthetic UQ! The ultralight synthetic insulation is the newest out there that is nearly identical to down in weight, compress-ability and warmth with the added benefits of cost reduction and best of all the ability to keep insulated even when wet! The two degrees available are 10 degree and 30 degree. The 30 degree is super light at a finished weight of 18 oz this quilt rivals our 40 degree down quilt in weight and packed size while offering an extra 10 degrees more in warmth value. The other model available could quite possibly be the one do all use all quilt is the 10 degree model which has a finished weight of 30 oz making it one of the lightest 10 degree rated UQ/TQ out there! For more information email us HERE or call the number at bottom of our homepage.

10 Degree UQ 30 oz

30 Degree Synthetic UQ 18 oz

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MAC-Gear Ultralight shelter system 21ozs

With everything but carabiners included in the weight there is no lighter shelter system out there that offers this kind of comfort and protection from the elements. Starting with an 11ft long extra wide hammock made of the lightest material out there rated at 250lbs it fits just about any hiker with extreme comfort. With the hammock amsteel continuous loops come standard for connecting your hammock to the tree straps. Topping the hammock is the ultralight 11 oz 12 ft by 10 ft rainfly that is hex cut for multipurpose use. The rainfly comes with guyline which other companies usually charge extra for or don’t include. Also included is the tree straps which are 10ft multi point straps offering an ultralight 3.3oz suspension solution that works not only as tree protection but also as your length and adjustment suspension system. All this in its own stuff sack is $180 add a bug net system with zipper entrance to the hammock for (+$40) bringing the total weight to 26ozs

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MAC-Gear Super Ultralight Tree Straps

They are here! Finally a ridiculously light pair of tree straps totally worth having! We all know that it’s well said that every ounce in your pack feels like a pound on your feet and body. With enjoyment and body pain in mind we set out to push the boundaries with all our designs. That can not be more true for our 10ft multi anchor point super ultralight 1.625oz (3.25oz for pair) tree straps. Made of the latest mil-spec material these straps so far have passed the 200lbs (each) test and we plan to take them to 400lbs and rate them at 300lbs. Want a pair? Email us at for more details and price.

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#1 Seller MAC Gear 40 degree Under quilt

One of our prized creations is our 40* Under quilt or 10* add on under quilt as its called. Its super light weight at 16oz or 1 pound and packed full of benefits making it the best pound carried in your pack. There is many DIY look a likes of our under quilt but the MAC Gear suspension and rigging is the best out there. Our suspension set up allows your under quilt to move freely and conform well as an under quilt, but that’s not all it allows. you can use our suspension in a manner that allows your under quilt to be  top quilt as well when combined with a sleeping pad it makes for a complete hammock package for cool summer and warmer spring and fall nights. Want to see it in action visit our MAC Gear you tube channel HERE

From a recent purchaser off ebay!

“Under quilt better than described. Fast fast shipping. Very pleased.”

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Tales of the Trail, Journey, Adventure or Anything……

Have something cool to share or picture of gear or idea of a new piece of gear let us know we’ll blog about it.

Recent review on MAC-GEAR 40 degree under quilt. We love success like this!

“WOW this under-quilt is awesome!! Thanks for honoring my offer. Set her up got it nice and snug. It was about 34 degrees here today and I crawled in that thing with no top-quilt just a hoodie and man I was warm. Layer in it for a good while. Can’t wait to test the lowers limits in it. Thanks again. Love the suspicion systems end the stuff sack, super light weight and packs down right.”