Hammocks                                *****UPDATED PRICING********

  • Trail-Light- 10ft (6.3oz), 10.5ft (6.6oz), 11ft (6.9oz) 60 inch wide 200lb rated. ($70)
  • Trail-Light XL 10ft (6.9oz), 10.5ft (7.2oz), 11ft (7.5oz) 66 inch wide 250lb rated. ($75)
  • Pocket-Light 9ft (5.8oz) 60 inch wide 200lb rating ($55)
  • Custom Hammocks by order call or email for quote
  • Addon bug net (Attached 8ft zipper +4 oz to hammock weight) ($50)
  • Addon full zip bug net (Full length 10+ft zipper + 4.5oz to hammock weight) ($55)
  • Addon 2X full Zip bug net (Full length zippers on both sides)($65)
  • Note all hammocks are finished with gathered end and a continuous amsteel loops. Carabiner and tree straps sold separately. Use with MAC-Gear light and ultra light 10ft (20ft for pair) tree straps for full suspension.