MAC-GEAR 30* Synthetic Underquilt


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Our Synthetic Under quilts are RD tested super simple ultra-light designs. Made of the lightest smooth to touch nylon taffeta and our advanced synthetic insulation fill make up the bulk of our under quilts. Our insulation used retains 92% of it insulating value when wet making this the perfect all weather UQ. Patent pending suspension system allows for our UQs to be used for the majority of hammock systems out there.

  • Specs
  • 30* F Rating *
  • 72 inches long
  • 55 inches wide
  • Doubles as primitive top quilt
  • 21 oz apprx weight +/- 2 oz
  • Fully adjustable suspension included
  • Elastic Draft collars
  • Highly water resistant
  • Suspension Repair kit
  • Stuff sack

*  Rating is a generalized rating understand fitness, hydration, exhaustion and various other elements determine comfort level.

Additional information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 11 x 7 x 7 in

Black, Orange, Green, Grey, Olive Drab, Brown, Blue


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