Mountaineering Adventuring Camping Gear

Makers of Under/Top Quilts, Ultralight Hammocks, Ultralight Tarps, Tree Straps, Bags and More



  • Trail-Light- 10ft (6.3oz), 10.5ft (6.6oz), 11ft (6.9oz) 60 inch wide 200lb rated. ($70)
  • Trail-Light XL 10ft (6.9oz), 10.5ft (7.2oz), 11ft (7.5oz) 66 inch wide 250lb rated. ($75)
  • Pocket-Light 9ft (5.8oz) 60 inch wide 200lb rating ($55)
  • Custom Hammocks by order call or email for quote
  • Addon bug net (Attached 8ft zipper +50z to hammock weight) $60
  • Addon zip off bug net (Full length zip off zipper + 8oz to hammock weight) ($80)
    • Note all hammocks are finished with gathered end and a continuous amsteel loop. Carabiner and tree straps sold separately. Use with MAC-Gear light and ultra light 10ft (20ft for pair) tree straps for full suspension.


  • MAC-Hex 12ft x 10ft (12oz) 6ft guyline included attached to each point. 6ft ridge line tie out also included at each end. $100
  • MAC-Flat 12ft x 10ft (14oz)¬†6ft guyline included attached to each point. 6ft ridge line tie out also included at each end. $110
  • MAC-Custom email or call for all your custom rainfly/tarp needs and cost.
  • Addon Panel pulls or additional ridge tieouts $5 each

Tree Straps

  • 10ft multi point 1 inch 8oz (Pair two 10ft straps) $30
  • 10ft loop ends 1 inch 70z (Pair two 10 ft straps) $20
  • 10ft Ultralight multi point 1/2 inch 3.3oz (Pair two 10ft straps) $45
  • 10ft Ultralight loop ends 3oz (Pair two 10ft straps) $40
  • Addon 2x 4 inch carbon-fiber toggle (.4oz) for loop end straps to use to make “Marlin Spike Hitch” and ultimate adjustable tree straps. $10


  • MAC-Gear 40 degree (-10degree addon) Underquilt with suspension and stuff sack 16oz (apprx) $75
  • MAC-Gear 30-10 degree Custom under quilts multi use as top quilt call or email for quote cost depends on degree rating, size, insulation fill power and type and suspension desired

Open top non zipper sleeping bag

  • Coming soon

MAC-Gear ultralight packable Synthetic water tolerant Jacket hoodie

  • Coming soon


  • 50ft 1.5mm Guyline (Black, Orange, Yellow and Olive) $5
  • 5ft 2mm shock cord (Black only) $2
  • 5ft 3mm shock cord (Black only) $3
  • Whoopie sling (Pair) $15
  • Amsteel 7/64 25ft $10 1/8 25ft $15
  • Titanium UL Hook stake 4 pack $18
  • Titanium V Stake 4 pack $20
  • Carbon fiber Ultralight (1.1oz for 4) 6inch stake 4 pack $20